"State-of-the-art technology for your industrial cleaning needs."

What is dry ice blasting?

The efficiency of the deep-drying process is extremely high, and it allows the components to be cleaned without the need for cleaning and can even be done without stopping the machine.

This new environmentally friendly technique meets all the requirements of productivity-conscious managers.

Compared to sandblasting, dry ice blasting is much less aggressive and allows you to restore the material to its original state without damaging or contaminating the treated surface. 

The operation of the machine

The machine allows a design of high pressure carbon dioxide whose power can modulate according to the needs, ie recycled CO2 compressed in the form of strong states of a few millimeters in diameter, more or less urban, depending on the state of the coating be stripped. 

The carbon snow has a temperature of -78. 5 ° C or 195k (degrees Kelvin). The cleaning is carried out by combining the properties of cryogenic grease solvent and natural for those of high pressure and sublimation of CO2 that transmits the solid state to the gaseous state without liquid phase. In addition to cleaning, Cryogenic allows for sanding (less sand) and gumming operations by adding an abrasive as bicarbonate which has the advantage of being compatible with ECO. 

What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?

The perspective offered by cryogenics combines the quality and performance of the process supported by dry cleaning, regardless of the material they are made of. It is non-destructive and non-abrasive, it uses recycled carbon dioxide, and first of all it uses no chemicals. Our partner SSO equipment uses this technique to clean buildings, electrical cabinets and other.

Dry ice blasting does not require any drying time and uses the CO2 present in the ambient air. Non-abrasive, cryogenic does not attack the material; not pilot and non-flammable, it is quite suitable for electrical or electronic installations. The thermal shock that favors the cleaning action is very short and at only 8 ° maximum on the surface of the support at the time of the projection. This technology does not generate secondary residues, it is not toxic and antibacterial either. 

Immediate benefits:

  • No production stoppage
  • Dry and non-conductive
  • Speed of action
  • Ultra-precise in depth
  • Easy to implement
  • No secondary waste
  • No surface alteration
  • Without interviews

Le nettoyage cryogénique offre des performances optimales pour neutraliser les contaminants de support sans utiliser de produits chimiques. Criogénie, solvant de graisse naturelle, plus en plus d'intérêt, l'industrie mécanique comme alternative à l'utilisation de l'huile pour les pièces d'usinage. Des études ont été réalisées à l'aide d'azote liquide, de CO2 liquide ou de CO2 supercritique. Ce dernier a démontré des résultats encourageants lors des tests réalisés par le CETIM pour le fraisage de pièces de titane.