"The art of shaping industry on one-off or small to medium-sized parts. For some, art is akin to art, and this branch of industry encompasses multiple industries: boiler makers, pipefitters, welders."


He transfers the shape indications provided by the drawing onto the sheet metal: this is the tracing of dimensions. Then he cuts out the parts with a shear or a blowtorch.


If he is dealing with a very large structure, such as a barrel or an industrial pipeline, he will have to go to the site with his team to assemble the structure on site.


After the final product is installed, some boiler manufacturers are responsible for maintaining and repairing industrial equipment.

How does it work Boilermaking?

The working methods used in the boilers, the hairy journeymen, worked manually with techniques that are like beating and hammering to design boilers.

  • Persecution: it consists in drawing parts in the material before passing to the phase of cutting the parts with 2D or 3D automated machines.
  • The brightness: the metal is machined from the center when striking what the metal brings slightly bend. Through a tool called "folder", the boiler must limit these wrinkles, hence the term "restricted". When you get the desired shape, we go to the ground.
  • Stamping: unlike the limited, the metal is worked from the outside on the middle to form a hole with a hammer or a hammer.
  • The floor: This process takes place and stamps. It consists of hardening the metal when it is cured to solidify and polish it. Formatting: This is the last step: the elements that work above are assembled mechanically or by welding.
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